Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t even out yet and James Gunn has already been offered the opportunity to write and direct a sequel. So many people are excited to see the comic book galactic outlaws that Marvel have given the green light to see them return. You never know, it could be released in one of the yet un-named slots Marvel announced recently.

A sequel isn’t a massive shock really, Marvel love a good sequel. Iron Man has had two sequels with Robert Downey Jr saying he would continue if he could. Captain America will have its second sequel in 2016. To name a couple.

At the moment it’s not certain if Guardians co-writer, Nicole Perlman will be returning. There’s no way of knowing what direction the sequel could go in saying as Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t even out yet. But if fans are already this hyped before it’s come out they’ll be excited to know that they will be seeing the Guardians return.

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