JUMP Cable connected – close up

There’s one HUGE downside to modern day technology. The capabilities that they offer is tremendous, but they often come with a battery that lasts two-thirds of a day at best. Though battery technology is improving there’s still the need for a replacement battery or some sort of portable charger, but these actually require you to remember to charge them before hand. The JUMP cable on the other hand, hopes to combat that scenario.

The JUMP cable is the worlds first 2-in-1 cable that not only gives you the ability to charge your phone or tablet and sync and transfer data onto your computer, it also offers the change to add some much needed juice when your battery is running low. What’s more, it doesn’t require you to remember to charge the cable either as it does it whilst you’re using it.

Once your smartphone is charged, the power from your laptop or a wall socket is automatically redirected to the JUMP Cable using AutoCharge technology,” explains the press release. “The JUMP Cable is then ready to be used as a portable power supply for those times when your smartphone is in urgent need of an energy boost.  As this process is automatic, users never need to remember to charge the JUMP Cable.”

For me, this is a God send as I always forget to charge up my portable charger when I know I’ll be out for a long period of time which often leaves me phoneless until I can return home and plug it in.

Chris Place, Senior Designer at NATIVE UNION explains: “We’ve all faced the frustrating issue of our smartphone running out of power, just when you want to make that call, send a message, or find where you are on a map. Existing solutions on the market were either too bulky, required additional messy wires or relied upon me remembering to charge them. It’s because of this that we developed a new solution that is thoughtful, intelligent and efficient by design.”

What makes this deal even sweeter. JUMP has already been through the rigmarole of trying to get funding on Kickstarter and is now fully available to the public. The JUMP Cable is now available to purchase for £39.99/$49.99 from NATIVE UNION in both Lightning (for iPhone 5/5s) and Micro USB (for Android, blackberry and window devices) versions.

JUMP Cable front

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How much juice it will store in the JUMP Cable?