Keeping Tabs on your Kids Just got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to LG’s KizON

Kids today.. If they’re not blowing up people with grenades or hacking people’s ankles off with Razor scooters, they’re out in the park throwing sticks at old people. At least, that’s what my bitter, older than my time, misanthropist brain tells me that’s what kids are doing nowadays. If you have a grenade throwin’ scootin’ stick thrower yourself, it can sometimes be hard keeping an eye on what they’re getting up to. Thankfully LG is here to solve all of your problems with the KizON wearable!

Earlier this week LG unveiled the KizON wearable a fairly bulky device designed to be worn around a child’s wrist which gives parents the ability to track their child as well as get in contact with their child via the wearable’s app. Aimed at pre-school and primary school kids, the KizON is a two-way wearable with 3G and WiFi capabilities, not that your kid will be able to use it to browse Facebook.

The band, available in Pink, Blue, and Green, offers two main functions. The first is the ability for your child to get in contact with you via the button on the band, this One Step Direct Call feature will automatically call the number which is assigned to the band via the app, this can be changed at any time too just in case one parent has to step out to do something, the other parent or guardian can answer the call.

Keeping Tabs on your Kids Just got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks to LG’s KizON - n3rdabl3

The second function is the ability for the parent or guardian to track the position of the child periodically throughout the day through a location reminder feature and they too can call into the KizON, which if the call isn’t answered after 10 seconds, the device automatically accepts so the parent can listen to the child’s environment.

According to LG, the KizON can run for up to 36 hours on a single charge, so let’s hope that when the band does need charging, your child doesn’t go walk-about.

As for pricing and availability, the KizON wearable is expected to land in stores in South Korea this week, and will eventually make its way to the US and Europe in the fall. LG is yet to announce pricing information for the device.

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