Announced this week, Konami have unveiled that the newest instalment of Pro Evolution Soccer is all based around the mentality “The pitch is ours”.  The heart thumping action of top flight football has been perfectly recreated by the PES production teams and the 2015 instalment promises a true return to the core values of PES; total control, super responsive controls and renowned gameplay allowing the user unrestricted control over how the game progresses.

In the on-field action Konami has completely re-vamped the key elements to ensure every action be it passing, shooting or off the ball runs are finely tuned and along with the announcement of PES 2015, Konami have released a wealth of information.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 includes a completely new shooting system removes any restriction on shooting styles with unbelievable precision for shot power, control and direction.  With this in mind goalkeepers have been re-designed to intuitively close down the attacker narrowing the gaps and can react to any situation including altering their centre of gravity.


Passing has also had a lot of work done granting a lot more options when making that final pass. They have expanded to include little knock-ons or searing low passes that utilise new physics routines which enables to the ball to behave realistically in every situation providing different outcomes determined by user actions.

The last key element that has been totally re- done is centred around the close control available.  The position of the the player is key but to have the ability to move the ball into space and beat the defender has been vastly improved.

Other features included are:

  • Unbelievable Response Times: Users can instinctively react to every movement with lightening fast precision when the ball is in play
  • Full Pitch AI: The improved game engine introduces a more intelligent AI who will adjust to the situation at hand and will allow these players to make runs and create space even when off the screen
  • Closest Control: Each player has their own unique dribbling skills that allows you to dribble past defenders, the new skills included are: jinking runs, responsive runs and incorporating a much wider range of pace

PES 2015 on next gen consoles will mark the full implementation of the stunning FOX engine. This new engine has been debuted last year and the power of the new consoles has allowed huge advancements for in-game play and visual graphics benefiting from a single source of real-time lighting.

The game also keeps track of player attributes such as their runs and play styles and will be instantly recognisable as teams will be set up to play as they do in real life.  The teams will automatically both defend and attack as they would do in real life by moving in to space and marking players. The opponents strategies and play style will automatically be adopted into the teams style too taking into account their formations and attacking styles.

PES 2015

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, players no matter how skilful, are all capable of pulling off that wonder goal running the full length of the pitch and leaving defenders behind them before putting a hole in the back of the net.  In PES 2015 the abilities of a player are focused on to ensure they are able to use their pace and control of the ball to beat players rather than tricks.

Pro Evolution Soccer also features:

  • myClub: There has been a huge overhaul of Master League Online allowing players and managers to be added using accumulated GP or using micro-transactions within the club.
  • Live Updates: Data is updated on a weekly basis adjusting transfers and team line-ups within the major leagues across the world.  Player data is updated based on real life performances and is applied to all online modes and is optional within single player
  • Accurate Player Stats: PES 2015 works with key community sites across the globe to continuously improve the database of players stats
  • Adaptable Match Environments: Playing an opponent who is notorious for their passing game? No problem, before the game tell the groundsman to leave the grass a littler longer to hinder the opponent as much as possible also ask him to soak the pitch allowing the ball to move faster for your own passing game

More details on this game will be released in coming months and is set to release on Xbox One, PS4 and other platforms during autumn/winter 2014.

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