To celebrate the release of The Last of Us Remastered which is set to land on PlayStation 4 this week, Naughty Dog hosted a special event in Santa Monica which brought the game to life in for a theatre audience last night. During which they revealed an unused epilogue for the game which certainly tugs at your heart strings. There was also a live performance of the games musical score to boot which was nice. You can check the full hour-long video above.

During the performance we saw the musical score being played live, in full, as well as a live read of key scenes featuring the game’s main actors which was directed by Naughty Dog creative director and writer Neil Druckmann. During the event an unused epilogue scene was shown which saw Joel and Ellie spend some more time together, unfortunately it wasn’t recorded for wider public viewing. Thankfully, however, attendees took to NeoGAF to explain what happened in the final scene.

“The scene takes place at Tommy dam one night 4 years later. Joel talks about how Tommy trying to get Joel hitched to a girl named Esther. El lies acting fairly distant, probably conflicted about joels lie. Joel then said he has a special gift for her and busts out a guitar. Then he plays a special song for her. Then he gives her guitar and promises to teach her. The scene ends with her striking a note on the guitar,” described one user with another saying that “[Druckmann] also said before the scene is a goodbye to Joel and Ellie.”

It certainly tugs at the old hearstrings, eh?

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