LG is going to have to take another look at their G Watch after reports have starting to come in saying that there is issues with corrosion on the charging contact points. This comes after a long debate of how much wearable’s will be appreciated due to issues with battery length and having to charge the batteries of the watch’s everyday

There have been reports from various reddit users that due to this hot summer and extra sweaty arms, the copper charging contact points on the underside of the G Watch are slowly eroding to the point that they will no longer charge. Not only this, but the eroded copper could also be causing damage to the wearer from it rubbing the skin raw underneath.

It must be said though, that there are plenty of people out there who have reported that no matter how hot they get and what they do with their watch, it works perfectly fine without irritation.

Let us know what your experience of the LG G Watch has been. Is it the best thing that you have bought or did it just seem like a good idea at the time?


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