Nokia X+ Dual-SIM

Well, that didn’t last very long at all, did it? Our dreams of finally having an Android powered Nokia device has been abruptly snatched out of our hands as Microsoft have announced plans to completely axe the Android inside the Nokia X devices and instead have decided to whack Windows Phone in it instead. Big mistake? I think so.

Just before Microsoft closed the deal to purchase Nokia’s mobile devices & services, the Finnish company left us with one final farewell, the Nokia X range. This range was a handful of budget, low-end devices which ran on a forked version of Android filled with various Microsoft features – sounds confusing, right? Well once Nokia announced, and then released the range of Nokia X devices, Android fans who loved the design of Nokia’s Lumia devices hoped we’d see more.

We all knew it would come to and end sooner or later, I mean, why would Microsoft focus on an Android powered device when it has its own OS to worry about. But then the Redmond company surprised us, announcing the Nokia X2, a much higher-spec device also running Android, we were confused, yet delighted.. but little did we know that Microsoft was about to snatch it all right out of our hands.

Today Microsoft officially announced that it would be cutting 18,000 jobs across the course of a year, along with that they announced that they’ll be axing the Nokia X and will be switching out Android for their own Windows Phone OS. “We plan to shift select Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows,” Nadella said in a blog post. “This builds on our success in the affordable smartphone space and aligns with our focus on Windows Universal Apps.”

He didn’t go into detail which devices would be making the switch, but it’s likely that those left behind running the forked version of Nokia’s Android OS will just be left to die in a bargain bin somewhere.

Alas, an Android powered Nokia is no more. Farewell, we hardly knew ye.

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