A new trailer has been released for Lords of the Fallen, the brutal RPG in the same vein as Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, although I personally get a God of War vibe from the opening. This Comic Con trailer was released just before the SD Comic Con started yesterday. 

The trailer isn’t very long but does give us our first look at gameplay. The game seems to have a lot of big enemies but don’t worry, players will have access to big swords to take them down a notch. The trailer also includes an excellent soundtrack with an updated version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising.

The game will feature Harkyn, the best of the worst of humanity, as he gains a chance for redemption. The return of an army of a long-ago defeated god sees Harkyn released from prison and sets out on a to stop the war. Harkyn must learn the true power of the Rhogar Lords, as he brings the battle to them, travelling to the heart of the demonic dimension.

Lords of the Fallen is the latest effort from CI Games, the studio behind Enemy Front. Hopefully Lords of the Fallen will make use of extra power provided by the current gen hardware to create a better game. 

Lords of the Fallen is currently set for release on the 28th of October in the US and October 31st in the EU. The game will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

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lords of the fallen

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After seeing few gameplays i have to say that it looks much more like a souls game with its own twist than God of War. Don’t get me wrong, taking influence from souls games is a very good move, those games are one of the best of its genre. Same goes for Witcher 2, which one of the creators, Tomasz Gop, is working on Lords of the Fallen too, it’s safe to assume that this game will be very good or even amazing, influence of those great games should give us another top tier action rpg.