Ahh the Luigi Death Stare, what sounds like a move from the up coming Super Smash Bros. title which renders all of the other characters motionless in fear of being pummeled to death with a Blue Shell, The Luigi Death Stare is actually something discovered by almost every Mario Kart 8 player once they’ve been taken out by a pesky green shell at the hands of Luigi. Now that chaos has been dragged out into real life at the Anime Expo last weekend, and it’s bloody hilarious.

YouTuber D Piddy decided to rain hell on cosplayers and attendees at the Anime Expo this past weekend by throwing a plushy green shell at unsuspecting victims dressed as the green goon complete with wonky eye. The video, which you can see above is just brilliant, and the music.. Oh, the music!

Is D Piddy the contender for the best Cosplay ever? I think so.

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