So if you didn’t notice, Spider-man 2 was quite similar to Iron Man 2 in terms of narrative structure, and by that I mean both films spend most of the time setting up the future of their franchises. One thread that The Amazing Spider-man 2 spun was the Black Cat, a jewel thief who had bad luck powers and an oft thing with Spider-man. Who may also dress up like many-a-male teen fantasy.

The Black Cat is not a character I really like to be honest. I’ve read a lot of Spider-man stories and I rarely find her interesting, maybe because she’s a component of the male fantasy, that we see a lot in comics, like Batman for example with his fancy car, lots of money and good looks etc..

Harry Osborne’s assistant ‘Felicia‘ is rumoured to be The Black Cat, so instead of doing a Megan Fox in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I say we do something a little different we this character – bear with me here.

Let’s make her a robot.

If not a robot or humanoid, have her wear some kind of mechanical armour similar to that of the Green Goblin. I guess what I’m getting at is that we should at least doing something a little more interesting with the character.

The thing is, at least in my opinion, The Black Cat is dull. An uninteresting Catwoman clone who people have been desperately being trying to make interesting for years. Maybe we should approaching the issue from Tim Burton’s way of thinking. Just think of interpretation he produced for his Batman films and how some of these choices have influenced the Batman mythos for years.

To be honest of the things this new Spider-man has done really well, it’s that that the woman in the franchise are strong characters. Gwen Stacey is badass in the franchise, arguably the most formidable love interest yet. So do we really want to mess this up by adding in a piece of boring one dimensional eye candy?

I just think to really cement the point of this whole franchise at least on a thematic level is to do something we’ve never seen before at all. Like ever.

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