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It’s not Thor-girl, Thor-lass or Thor-woman. It’s Thor, who is now a woman. This October, we see the eighth new Marvel title which has a new female character taking over an original role, aimed at an audience of our fairer sex, who will join forces with Captain and Ms. Marvel too.

Marvel has clearly stated that this is Thor and she has taken over from her predecessor. This is the second huge alteration to the big three Avengers dynamic.

With Steve Rogers aging rapidly because the super solider serum has run out, it could almost be speculated that the big three are changing to accommodate their live action counterparts’ inevitable departure from the Marvel franchise.

The new Thor stories will be penned by Jason Aaron with the artwork covered by the mighty, Russell Dauterman.

It may be worth noting that Loki was also briefly turned into a woman and Thor was briefly turned into a frog as well.


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Thor’s brother Vidar – the Norse God of Silence – is surprisingly okay with it: