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Last week we saw Microsoft announce that they had seen the sale of the Xbox One double since reducing the price.  The exact figures for units sold are still a little unclear but based on NPD’s figures their efforts were still not enough to outsell Sony for June in the US – but could this change in the future?

The numbers have recently been released by Microsoft regarding the earnings for the 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2014.  Based on this it shows that Microsoft managed to ship 1.1 million consoles.  However this does include both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 so the exact figures for each console are still unclear.

On the other hand Microsoft have managed to sell 10% more units than this quarter last year.  The last thing we heard was that Microsoft shipped 5 million consoles to retailers but this does not mean that these units were sold.  This is compared to Sony who have managed to sell over 7 million PS4 consoles to date.

At the moment it does appear Sony is “winning the next-gen race” again Microsoft but will the release of many games and features over the coming months persuade gamers to go with the Xbox One?

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