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Yesterday it was discovered that Microsoft were sending out emails to random Xbox 360 owners offering them the chance to get $75 worth of credit to spend on the Xbox Store if they decided to upgrade from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. At the time of writing it was unknown whether this offer extended outside of the US, but as of this morning, Eurogamer has discovered that it, in fact, does!

Microsoft have since revealed that the offer extends to the UK and Canada in addition to the US and that the images that accompanied the news were emails tailored to those in the US. Microsoft didn’t reveal details on who or why these people were selected, but did reveal that it’s a short-term promotion.

“This short-term promotion is offered to select Xbox fans in the US, Canada and the UK,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer when asked about its availability. “We are always looking for opportunities to bring promotions like this to our customers, but we have nothing further to share at this time.”

The only thing I can suggest is to keep an eye on your inbox, you never know, you could be one of the lucky few.

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