I’m not sure how many of you spent your bus fare home in the arcade as I did in my childhood like me, but I have gladly spent the last pennies in my bank account on Zen Studios’ wonderful world of fantasy pinball tables as an adult. Good news for Playstation 4 owners this week, as Zen have released info that you’ll have access to a multitude of shiny, whizzing, ball flicking courses for you to return to next week.

If you already own the tables, listed below, on PS3 or Vita then you can use the ‘Import Table’ function on your glossy, this-gen console to transfer them for free. If you’re new to the scene, the pricing is fairly reasonable for the amount of time you’ll probably spend, trying to maximise combos, finish the tough but rewarding missions or perfect that absolute bastard of a flick into the Baxter building on the F4 table.

The list of updated tables and pricing are:

  • Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue – (X-Men, Thor, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider) – £7.99
  • Classic Pack – (Tesla, El Dorado, V12 and Shaman) – £7.99
  • Captain America – £2.49
  • Fantastic Four – £2.49
  • Marvel Civil War – £2.49
  • Excalibur – £2.15
  • Mars – £2.15
  • Super Street Fighter II Tribute – £2.49

All tables have their own physics, special missions and wizard modes for the almighty gods of pinball who can somehow manage to keep their balls from draining easily. Quite a task on some of the more unfair tables that are based on luck rather than outright skill (Please see Return of the Jedi table).

The tables will be released on July the 16th 2014 through the Playstation Store or directly from Zen Pinball 2’s table menu. Let’s hope Zen Studios have that Punisher table I keep asking for in the works…



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