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No, there hasn’t been another character reveal for Mortal Kombat X since Raiden made his flashy appearance a few days back, but there’s a lot of speculation on just who this one mystery character might be since Ed Boon stated that there would be a guest. Ranging from Michael Myers to the Predator, the pin is probably resting somewhere in the right vicinity.

We all know that NetherRealm Studios try to up the ante every time they release a new MK and so far, the next-gen fatalities have certainly had a few, pitiful weaklings on their knees in the khazi, bringing up their last meal in an effort to purge the gory visions that have been scalded to their retinae for life… Or something like that.

Most characters that have featured in horror movies are fair game for a roster addition to MKX but if you care to dig deeper into Warner Bros’ archives, maybe we’ll get some further hints, seeing as NetherRealm are a subsidiary of the company.

The first and most obvious choice would be Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame. Warner Bros distributed the movie way back in 1980, when most of your parents were dribbling into their bibs and signing their name on Mum’s clean walls in crayon.  He’d fit perfectly alongside the motley crew of murdering scum that normally take part in the tournament, with his machete and signature hockey mask.

The second and more interesting choice, would be green haired, two-tone wearing, ‘ghost with the most’, Beetlejuice. His weapons would range from the comedic to the dreadful, using bugs to hamper his opponent or throwing exploding shrunken heads. Fatalities could see him transforming into a giant black and white snake and swallowing his foe whole or god forbid… Marrying them.

The only problem would be, that all you need to do to get rid of old corpse-boy, is shout his name three times and he’d be under control again. Maybe a reversal mini-game to shut the other fighter up would sort this out?

I think it would be slightly pointless to add any DC Universe characters, as many don’t fit into a rota that would gladly rip your leg off and play baseball with your testicles. That would be more of a Marvel MAX thing, although the brands would never be seen together unless Disney decided to open the doors for a collaboration.

Ed Boon has also made a statement on returning characters from previous games appearing as additional content, saying:

“If you don’t see your favorite character, there’s always the DLC characters. You can hold out hope to see that we’re going to include them.”

In all hopefulness, I would love to see the player list boosted by the addition of Justin Bieber, One Direction and Katie Hopkins (look her up). Honestly, who wouldn’t? On a more serious note, who would you like to see square up to some of the deadliest fighters of Mortal Kombat X? Comments in that box thing below!

You want me to fight who?
You want me to fight who?

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Witch titty
Witch titty

Yeah punisher would b nice Jason or michael meyers is a given Darth vadar robocop blade Manhattan man hellraiser or swamp thing would be outdoing themselves but mad max will probably happen:) not all warner but come on now fun. Jaba the hut whoa now.