I love bright colours. It’s something that I’ve realised a lot recently. With the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark boasting gorgeous and unique worlds with colour splashed all over it, I’m instantly drawn towards them than, say, Dark Souls which gives off a more darker, spookier look. Gigantic, which has just been announced by Motiga, is as bright and as colourful as they come, and what’s more, it looks absolutely incredible!

Gigantic, from Motiga, is a team-based action game where you fight along side gigantic guardians, hence the name. Along side the announcement the indie developer released a trailer, which you can see above, that gives us a glimpse of some of the characters as well as the gigantic guardians you’ll be fighting with and against. Now here’s the surprising part. Gigantic is free-to-play.

Yep, if the trailer is anything to go buy, the game is going to offer some incredible visuals as well as fast paced gameplay, all of which is free? Naw, that’s too good to be true, right? Apparently not. Holy crap I’m excited!

Now, you might not have heard of Motiga before so here’s a few details, the indie developer was founded in 2011 by industry veterans, NCSoft CEO Chris Chung and Rick Lambright of Sony Online, Sierra Online, and Monolith – to name a few. And according to Chung, the announcement of Gigantic is an invitation for gamers to “take this journey with us.”

“We still have ways to go before Gigantic is a finished game,” Chung wrote. ” … We invite you to take this journey with us. While we have some of the best people in the industry-people who are passionate about making Gigantic great, we can’t take this journey by ourselves. In order to make a living, breathing online game, we need your feedback. We already have some friends outside the company who have been journeying with us. Now we’re ready for more gamers to help us shape Gigantic into something great.”

Though the game still has some way to go, players can actually get hands-on with the game at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, Wash., from Aug. 29 – Sept. 1. and Motiga is currently holding sign-ups to the games Alpha which is coming soon. To sign up, head to their website, here.

GiganticScreenshot-Griffin GiganticScreenshot-Naga GiganticScreenshot-Combat-02

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