Transformers Universe, the free to play MOBA that’s actually a MOTA, recently launched into Open Beta and though there’s a fair few quirky transforming vehicles each with their own personalities and abilities, they all transform from and into vehicles with four wheels. Thankfully Jagex are mixing it up a little by introducing the first new character types since the launch into Open Beta that happen to be motorbikes! Aw yis!

Recently Jaxex threw a spanner into the works by introducing  Swagger (Autobot) and Diabla (Decepticon), to brand new characters for Transformers Universe and the first two characters to transform into motorbikes. These two new characters introduce greater levels of agility in vehicle form, as well as new abilities – such as invisibility cloaking – for advanced battle tactics. Swagger is the first character to come with the invisible cloaking tech making him an extremely deadly opponent to face in battle, especially if you’re team have weakened the Decepticon’s shields.

As for Diabla her main focus is damage, along with the improved agility to navigate each arena more fluidly, she also packs a punch and has more powerful defences to stay in the battle longer. This makes Diabla the capability to roam the battle map, focus on a single and much weaker target, dishing out damage and taking down her opponent in one fell swoop.

Both Swagger and Diabla dish out more damage than other bots when in vehicular form, which also provides them with greater levels of agility when hunting down targets making them key additions to each games team, whether it’s focusing on pinning down and picking off single targets, or using the cloaking ability to flank behind the opposition, these two characters are certainly game changers.

Transformers Universe is currently in Open Beta, you can join the fight by heading to where PC and Mac players can choose whether to download the client, or hop right into battle via their browser.

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