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The Moto 360 is probably the most anticipated smartwatch to come with Android Wear, so much so that when Google reaffirmed at Google I/O last month that the device won’t be released until summer, there was a collective groan from attendees. Along with it bring highly anticipated, it may also be the most highly priced Android Wear device compared to the likes of the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

This report comes from G for Games who spotted the Moto 360 listed on Chinese retailer for ¥2,800.00, that’s around £260 which compared to the LG G Watch, which is priced at £159, is almost twice as expensive. This does however almost match up to previous rumours which saw the Moto 360 accidentally listed at a price of £199.99, which again is still more expensive than the LG G Watch.

Prices do often differ from region to region, which would explain why the device is priced so highly on this particular retailer, but still if the Moto 360 is priced particularly higher than other Android Wear devices out there, it may be a deal breaker for some, even though it’s an absolutely stunning device.

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David Parrella
David Parrella

Rumors are rumors, the price has been all over, based on the contest ARV it’s going to be $250. It’s not even out or announced yet, therefore some random Chinese website is not credible.