Airtight Games have officially confirmed that they have closed down, this confirms the report from yesterday that the company had closed its doors and were selling off remaining office equipment. The studio behind Dark Void, Quantum Conundrum and Murdered Soul Suspect has apparently been in finical trouble since January 2014. Lee Scheinbeim a lighting artist on Murdered Soul Suspect said “News of Airtight Games closing broke today but layoffs started as far back as January and many of us are still looking.”

Murdered Soul Suspect was released in June this year to mixed reviews. In our review we gave the game 3.5 out of 5 saying “Knowing what to expect from Murdered Soul Suspect will keep you from being disappointed, while the gameplay isn’t great the story is a good one.”

It’s sad to see a studio close but hopefully everyone who worked at Airtight will be able to find new jobs soon.

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