Every now and then, I get that inkling that we are living in the future. I had it with Google Glass, when I saw the US army developing robots and exo-skeletons and now with Myo.

As shown in the above video, Myo has a ton of different applications. From being an itunes remote, to being a full blown games controller. The controller is rather simple, it’s literally an armband you wear on your upper forearm. Then you connect the controller via bluetooth and Bam! You’re ready to go.

How does it work? Well Myo uses quite a simple sounding method(note: sounding, I am not a scientist), and one that also seems like it’ll be a lot more accurate than the likes of Kinect. Essentially it reads the muscle signals in your forearm, as you move your fingers, wrist and hand. Which means unlike controllers like Kinect, it can much more accurately read hand gestures while at the same time tracking your arm movement.

So good news for people who prefer to play shooters and the like, as Myo will be much more effective at telling if your finger pulled the trigger. However, I will say that all this is currently hypothetical. The video above is a concept, and although they have demonstrated the controller playing games like Call of Duty ghosts (albeit in a clunky fashion at CES), it’s still difficult if it’ll suffer the normal motion controller problems with tracking and responsiveness, which ultimately stop them from being taken seriously.

They did do a demo of the controller working with Oculus Rift, which is another step in the direction of VR but I personally can’t tell if it’s working well or not from that video, in fact it seems that either due to not being fully animated or just the controller being in alpha that it is not quite working superbly. Whether it does work or not we’ll have to find out, whenever it get’s released and even then it’ll be a question of whether or not game developers support it.

Although currently not on sale, you can pre-order Myo for $149 and it comes with simple preprogrammed mouse functions like clicking, scrolling and double clicking and will work on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.



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