Welcome to What Edition, a new monthly feature here at n3rdabal3.co.uk looking at the different special editions of upcoming games. What better way of starting off that two of this years biggest First Person Shooters, Bungie’s space epic Destiny and a series known for its amazing villains, Far Cry 4?


Bungie really hit the big time with Halo Combat Evolved, a launch title for the original Xbox. A series that is still going strong with the fifth numbered game recently announced for the Xbox One. 

The arrival of the Traveller, a giant flying sphere, starts a golden age for humanity. Spreading out across our solar system we built the greatest civilisation that the universe had ever seen, we just didn’t know what waited for us. They hit us fast and hard, the only thing that stood in their way was the Traveller, sacrificing itself to save us. The last great city was built beneath the Traveller but the darkness approaches.

Destiny takes place in the universe as we know it, after the fall of humanities. Players take on the role of a Guardian, the last hope for mankind. Its time to set out and explore our universe. Bungie have recently announced two special editions of the game, the Limited Edition (get ready to hear that term a lot) and the Ghost Edition. 

Standard Edition

The bog standard version of the game is available for £45 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and £50 on PS4 and Xbox One. Different retailers are currently offering a range of pre-order bonuses. game.co.uk seem to be the best bet at the moment, offering an upgraded Sparrow and the Vanguard pack including exclusive weapons, gear and player emblem. All pre-orders will grant you access to the Beta that started last night if you managed to access PSN without trouble.

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Limited Edition

The Limited Edition of the game is available for the PS4 and Xbox One, sorry last-gen gamers. This edition will include a limited edition steel book and copy of the game, strange that we have to clarify that now. The Guardians Folio, that comes packed in the box, will include the Arms and Armament field guide; a guide to mythic guns that exist somewhere in the solar system, Postcards from the Golden Age and antique star charts.

The Limited Edition will also include a bunch of digital content like an exclusive player emblem, a casing for your Ghost, an exclusive skin for the player’s ship and the Expansion Pass. The Expansion Pass will give players access to the first two expansions for the game, The Dark Below and House Of Wolves. 

The Expansions will include new story missions, cooperative events and a Crucible map for competitive multiplayer. The DLC will also add new weapons, armour and gear for players to earn. The Limited Edition will be available for £95. 

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Ghost Edition

Finally is the Ghost Edition. The top package available will come with everything in the Limited Edition, as well as a relic from the Golden Age and a replica of a Ghost. The Ghosts are companions to the Guardians that relay all the information that you could possibly need. 

In the game, the Ghosts are voiced by Peter Dinklage, although his voice work was mocked after the games Playstation Alpha. Bungie have announced the voice acting has already been reworked for the Beta and will be again by the time the game is officially released. The Ghost replica comes with a motion sensor, lights and audio from the game. The Ghost Edition is available from Game in the UK for £150 and Gamestop in the US for $150, again the UK get screwed. 

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For you digital fans there, Destiny can also be pre-ordered from the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. The digital version will come with access to the Beta and the Playstation 4 version will allow users to pre-load the game so you can start playing at one minute past midnight on the day of release.

I am a sucker for special editions and will be going for the Ghost Edition. I can’t wait to put the Ghost up on my shelf along side my Halo Reach and Arkham statues. For most players though, the Limited Edition seems like the best option. The Expansion Pass will be available for £35 if purchased separately. Destiny will be launching on the 9th of September while the Beta started yesterday evening.

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 3 was one of my favourite shooters of the last generation and introduced one of gaming’s best villains, Vaas. Far Cry 4 was announced just before this years E3 and seems to be carrying on the tradition of fantastic scoundrels for the series. 

Far Cry 4 takes place in Kryat, a fictitious Himalayan country ruled by the snazzy dictator, Pagan Min. Following the dying wish of his Mother, protagonist Ajay Ghale returns to the country of his birth. There seems to be some sort of connection between Ajay and Pagan, although it hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Ubisoft have toned things down a little after Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed. There are only three versions of Far Cry 4 currently available for pre-order, the Standard Edition and the Kryat Edition.

Standard/Limited Edition

Pre-ordering the game will net you the Limited Edition, which comes with the Hurk’s Redemption DLC, offering three extra missions and the Impaler, a modified harpoon. Hurk was first introduced in exclusive Far Cry 3 content and his appearance in Far Cry 4 will make him the first character to appear in more than one game. After the game’s release, only the standard edition will be available.

Far Cry 4_Packshot_Limited_Edition_PS4_2D_UK

Kryat Edition

The Kryat Edition of the game offers a crazy statue of Pagan Min, sitting on his elephant throne. The statue comes in a collector’s box along with Ajay’s travel journal, a Pagan Min propaganda poster and a map of Kryat. This edition will also come with the Hurk’s Redemption DLC and will cost around £78. 

The Uplay store is offering the Ultimate Kryat Edition that will include everything above, plus a steel case for the game and the season pass. The Ultimate Kryat Edition is currently priced at £90, although this is likely to go up soon. 

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The Uplay store are also offering the Gold Edition for PC Download that will come with the game, Hurk’s Redemption and the season pass for £65. Check back soon for more information on Far Cry 4. 

Far Cry 4 will be available on the 18th of November for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I will be going for the Ultimate Kryat Edition of the game but for most players, the standard or gold will probably be the edition for you depending on your love of DLC. 

I will be back next month looking at more special editions. Do you buy special editions of games or prefer to go for the standard versions? 

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