Neversoft, probably most famous for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games is finally closing its doors – sort of. It was announced earlier this year that Neversoft would be merging with Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward to form a “super-studio,” marking today the last day Neversoft is its own company. In a final send-off, the company decided to give a final farewell to the trademark “eye” that’s constantly being impailed – by burning it.

I feel bad for that eyeball, it’s constantly being impaled, knocked over by skateboards, pulled out of a gorilla’s nose, and now this, a nordic funeral minus the ‘sending off to sea’ part. Poor little bugger. Hey-ho, let’s not dwell on the past, but look towards the future. The super-studio will soon be developing the next Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty game which is expected in 2016.

Oh, and if burning the companies mascot wasn’t enough, everyone in the studio was given a massive knife.

As an homage to the company, here’s all of the Neversoft logo’s from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”1280″ height=”720″]

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