A new Dev Diary from Sledgehammer Games takes a look at the work going in to sound design for the latest Call of Duty. With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s futuristic setting it would be easy for the team to go out of this world, although this would work against the games believability, something that the developers are working hard to retain in the latest game.

Sledgehammer are attempting to make a believable game in a futuristic setting by basing all the different aspects of the game on real life next generation technology, the real future of warfare. In the video Don Veca, the teams Audio Director says, “It’s a futuristic setting, but we want it to be believable. We would always start with something grounded and add new sounds that we’ve created ourselves, mix it in, layer things, so that you come up with something truly unique.”

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will deal with private military companies as they become the worlds superpowers. Kevin Spacey will play Irons the head of one of these companies that picks a fight with the US Government. Irons soldiers are equipped with EXO suits that improve speed, agility and strength. These Suits will change the way players interact with their environment and take on the enemy.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be Current-Gen first although Last-Gen version will be available. The game will be available on the 4th of November and pre ordering will net players the Advanced Arsenal pack. Their is no word yet on any special editions of the game.

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