All aboard the feels train. Choo-choo. FIFA 15’s newest trailer shows off more player emotions that will appear in the game. New celebrations, reactions and attitudes are shown off in the trailer above.

Score the game winner at the end of the game? You best believe 10 other men are going to jump on top of you. In a celebratory way though.Even your teammates on the bench are going to jump out their seats. All of this adding to the feeling of accomplishment. On the flip side though, if you keep taking shots and miss your team are going to get frustrated with you.

There are over 600 animations to add emotion into the game. Making the pitch feel more alive than ever before. Players will react to the referees calls even better than before, they’ll show just how intense things can get on the field.

Will there be a “many shots of players crying because they lost at penalty’s” animation? I don’t know but that would be funny.

Now to the stands because what would football be without its supporters? The crowds have also been overhauled, separating home and away fans (not the TV show), they’ll chant, and sing club anthems and even the commentators will pick up on it. Watching the video and seeing it happen is pretty cool in my opinion.

FIFA 15 will be released September 26th and it looks to be a good one but we’d like to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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