Despite the second Kickstarter announced for Mighty No. 9, I’ve remained extremely hyped for this game. Every glimpse at the game we get, every video and screenshot, just hypes me up in a way that only one other Kickstarter project has before – Shovel Knight. Unlike SK however, Comcept have treated their backers and fans to a large number of screenshots and videos during development.

The new gameplay trailer shows off Beck’s abilities, including dashing and transformations, as well as a couple boss battles and a brief look at supporting character Call’s gameplay, with her vibrant pink armour and sweet jetpack. Beck & Call huh? Pretty clever, doesn’t remind me of Mega Man’s Rock & Roll at all.

The big focus of this trailer seemed to be Beck’s dash ability. The dash ability adds a powerful spin on the Mega Man-esque gameplay that Mighty No. 9 clearly has. There’s also a glimpse of two flame and water-based transformations with examples of what they can do, and a third sword-based transformation with no real explanation.

Mighty No. 9 has no release date yet, but the devs are hoping for an April 2015 launch. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, so stick around on the site for more info at a later date.


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