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The 6 second video sharing giant that is Vine has had another update, this time adding Loop Counts. Loop Counts are basically views, it keeps a real-time tally of how many times your Vine has been looped. Simple stuff. This allows users to not only see how many people have liked, re-vined or commented on their videos but it gives an accurate count of how many times it’s been viewed.

Loop Counts work on mobile devices and can be found above the video and to the right. They also keep a count when videos of viewed on Vine’s website too for the most accurate reading. The Loop Counter is the major update, but they’ve also changed the look and layout of your Vine feed, making for better viewing with minimal intrusions.

Loop Counts! It’s a view counter for your videos, counting each loop that you Vine video plays both in the app and on the web. Where to find it: just look in the top right of each video and you’ll watch in real-time as the number grows!

They’ve also added ‘Milestones’ in the activity section. This will let you know when your video has gained substantial likes for instance. I recently received one when my transformer vine got 10 likes. Exiting stuff. On your profile page, there is also a total Loop Counter which is probably my favourite thing. It really puts into perspective just how many ‘views’ certain people get. My self, I currently sit at 18,632 Loops whilst Vine Famous Nash Grier has a whopping 532,282,286 Loops! Crazy.

My greatest amount of loops so far comes in the form of my terrible  “COOOAAARL.” Vine from back in May. It currently, at time of writing has 1,673 Loops. Now to put that into perspective, another Vine star, and one of my personal favourites, Jerry Purpdrank uploaded “The best part of cooking is watching the pan sizzle in water…” 30th June and that has a massive 15,624,645 Loops at the time of writing.

Vine is one heck of an app that I’ve had the luck of enjoying since day one all the way back in January 2012. It’s still a fairly new app and I don’t doubt we’ll see more updates in the future.

Do you have Vine? If so share your thoughts on the new Loop Count update and all other things Vine in the comments below!

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How the fuck do you look at recent vines and not just the popular ones?