Mass Effect 3 blew my goddamn mind. It really did – even the ending. Since beating that game, I’ve been holding out for every scrap of info I can find on the next entry to the series.

Finally, during Bioware’s panel at San Diego Comic Con, we’ve been given a few tasty morsels of info. Firstly, the new game seems to have a heavy focus on planet exploration and could possibly be set in a different galaxy to the Trilogy during the same time period. Thanks to the emphasis on exploration, our beloved Mako vehicle is back as a form of quick transport across planets – they’ve learnt a thing or two about “vehicle frustration”, so the Mako is now fast and agile.

The story is re-iterated to be a brand new venture, unrelated to Shephard’s story, but it’s possible that some old teamates and characters could reappear. We saw some renders of the new main character’s armour in a variety of styles and colours along with discussion of the ME multiplayer experience – it’s highly likely that ME3’s co-op multiplayer modes could make a return.

“It’s not called ME4, damn it!” states Michael Gamble, before unleashing a video of the Mako in action.

So buckle your seatbelts and prepare to blast through space again!… In a couple years. We have no release date yet, but chances are it’ll be set for a late 2015 to late 2016 release.

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