After Nintendo revealed their quarter one financials today, it looks as though Mario Kart 8 isn’t quite pushing those figures into first place for the Japanese company. April to June numbers show that Nintendo have registered a ¥9.47 billion loss in this period despite selling 510,000 Wii U units.

The Wii U is selling slightly better than it has been in the past year or so, with 6.68 million units sold worldwide, not that far behind the two bigger bullies in this console war but enough to force them to step up their game. The release of Mario Kart 8  should have pushed the figures back up into the higher zones, yet the evidence shows that Nintendo are not doing so well in gaining back their investment in the new console.

The prediction by gurus in Nintendo’s financial team however, have estimated that they will make a ¥40 billion profit by the end of the year, hopefully fuelled by the release of Pokémon Ruby and Alpha, Super Smash Bros and the Skylanders style Amiibo toys that can be used for gaming or as action figures.

With the new Legend of Zelda on the way next year, that could potentially boost the flailing company’s coffers and put Nintendo back in the running against Sony and Microsoft. Until they release more major titles, the sales will stagnate and that dream of a large profit will be a high hope rather than a reality.

Nintendo have announced earlier this year that they want to move in the direction of a more healthy style of console, revealing that a third platform is on its way to get users to enhance their quality of life. Personal fitness has always been a huge market and with decent sales figures for Wii Fit and EA Active, it may be a lucrative market.

Considering other consoles will probably support some form of fitness software in the future, is a whole new console a good direction to move in? That also means more spending, so only time will tell whether the gaming giant will reap the rewards from their venture

Good luck, Nintendo.

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