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Budget phablets are something that have not really landed on Western shores as they have in the Asian market and the steadily increasing smartphone scene of other emerging economies. This leaves UK punters looking for a large-screen device limited to the pricey Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Mega and Note ranges.

Nokia saw an opportunity here and alongside the high-end powerhouse that is the Lumia 1520, which received a stellar review when we got hands on earlier in the year, released a stripped down budget version of the impressive Windows Phone phablet.

This gave birth to the Nokia Lumia 1320, which boasts the same 6-inch size as its more expensive brethren, but not a whole lot else.

Of course whenever the term ‘budget’ comes into the sales pitch you have to expect cutbacks in quality, it’s part and parcel of the whole concept, and the Lumia 1320 is no different in this regard.

Under the hood things look okay, at least it seems that the spec sheet would be good enough to run the Windows Phone OS. There’s a 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, backed by 1GB of RAM (which is a nice surprise, most budget Lumias come with a measly 512MB of RAM, we suspect the extra bit of memory is needed for the demanding screen on the 1320).

The rear camera is an average 5MP and the front offering is a pretty disappointing VGA, but more on those later. In terms of mass storage there’s only 8GB out of the box, most of which will be filled with ‘general’ OS stuff and ‘temporary files’, which never seemed very keen to be removed; essentially if you pick up this phone you will have to invest in a MicroSD card, which the phone incorporates without too much fuss.

The eye-catching feature of this device is definitely the large 6 inch screen, which retains its HD status. The screen comes in at 720p, but due to the size of the screen the ppi is 245, decent, but not mouth-watering.

This is a term that could sum up our experience with the Lumia 1320, it was okay, not breathtaking. But with a price point of under £230 sim free and available in a contract for as little as £11 a month, we could live with this, especially when that large HD screen makes it so much more than an average phone.

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