Nokia have shown off the Lumia 930 as an all-round family fun phone. At this years Corbury Music Festival, they filmed thousands of people to animations which was later displayed on the big screen.

The Nokia Lumia 930 has been marketed for its fantastic 20 MP camera and 5 inch screen and at this festival, it has proven that Nokia were right to do so. Corbury Music Festival  is a celebration of live performances and family fun, so thousands of people lined up, ready to have their pictures taken in random costumes as part of the #Lumia930play for a bit of light entertainment. Each of the families had their picture taken in front of a green screen with the photos being printed with an animated background added for them.

They didn’t know it but they were also being filmed with the Lumia 930 and after using the One drive to see the film on the PC, they later became the stars in their very own animation on the big screen for all of the festival goers to see.

CostasSyrmos, head of Microsoft Brand Lab said, “The Nokia Lumia 930 is an exceptional device running Windows 8.1 with superior sound, video and imaging capabilities. By creating the “One Experience”, we demonstrated the unique qualities of the Nokia Lumia 930 and OneDrive as a perfect way for people to capture, share and relive amazing moments.”

This “One Experience” has been demonstrated after the Lumia 1020 has had so much success with its camera in professional positions, such as filming under the water, taking cover shots for magazines as well as taking action shots of snowboarders.

Nokia Lumia 930 Launch "One Experience" At The Cornbury Music Festival

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