Videocardz has released everything you need to know about the upcoming NVIDIA shield tablet, which reportedly will be announced on the 22nd July.

The device will have an 8-inch 1080p display, front facing speakers and a 5MP camera on the front and back. The mAh of the battery is not given but it does say it’ll last for 10 hours of HD video playback. The tablet also will have the Tegra K1 processor, 16GB or 32GB of storage and will come in a WiFi and LTE versions. The base model, WiFi and 16GB is going to cost $300 (£176).

The tablet will be announced with a wireless controller, which will be able to control the tablet and the Shield console, and that will cost $59 (£35).

Videocardz also showed some charts so you can get a perspective of how powerful the Tegra K1 is. There’s a comparison between it, the iPad Air  and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 using the GFXBench benchmark. The Tegra significantly beats the other competitors.

In addition, there’s a Shield cover, which will cost $39 (£23). The tablet will be available in the US and Canada on 29th July, in Europe on 14th August and in more regions in the fall.

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