A long time ago, in a country far, far away, there was a young boy who dreamed of flying through space with rogues, princesses and a giant walking Ugg boot. He used to wear his Gran’s best soup pot on his head while waving a wendy-house support pole around like a madman, trying to defend himself from the laser blasts of imaginary training droids from Star Wars.

Okay so it was only just over thirty years ago (shut up you whippersnappers) and it was only across the Scottish/English border three-hundred miles away, but the rest is entirely factual. Every boy like me wished that we could wield a lightsaber, sit in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon or kiss Princess Leia, but only in her slave gear in Return of the Jedi…

Now, through the medium of wearing a silly headset, backpack and controller, you can. This is all thanks to programmer, Benjamin Teitler who has been hard at work recreating the training sequence from retitled A New Hope and giving just about every Star Wars fan the option to stop having wet dreams of a time when we can literally prance about, diverting green energy bolts back at flying spheres.

The video above shows the demo in action, the gameplay following the movements of the player and the strokes he makes with Optitrak sensors and an Oculus Rift DK1.

This is the first thing to take my attention regarding the virtual reality headset, as gaming is a passion best played with TV and controller. With Facebook still holding Oculus Rift firmly in a force choke hold, I’m not sure how the gaming community will react to it being in the controversial social media site’s hands.

But hey, it’s droid training… I’m in!


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