Speaking with GamingBolt, OlliOlli developer Roll7’s director Simon Bennet revealed to the site that an Xbox One port of their board ’em up indie hit, OlliOlli, could eventually skate its way onto Xbox One. Bennet stated that the port “wasn’t a priority,” but the game on Xbox One really isn’t out of the question “watch this space!” he added.

OlliOlli, the hit indie title which first landed on the PS Vita to critical acclaim was then revealed that it’d be landing on the PlayStation 4, then most recently, PC! So GamingBolt caught up with Roll7’s Simon Bennet to see whether OlliOlli will be kickflipping onto any other platforms, specifically the Xbox One.

“Never say never I guess!” the developer’s director Simon Bennett told the site. “To be honest it just wasn’t a priority, Sony have supported us on VITA and then again on PS4 so we have been busy getting those working super tight before thinking about anything else. Now they are finished though, definitely watch this space!”

Roll7 are already actually working with Xbox One as the developers are bringing what’s being called “the greatest 2D cover-based indie shooter of all time ever,” Not a Hero to the console later this year, so it wouldn’t seem too unlikely that OlliOlli will also be on its way too!

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