OlliOlli Grinds it’s Way Onto PC Next Week

If you’ve been a bit jealous of Vita owners in recent weeks, it’s probably because you’ve been missing out on Roll7’s side-scrolling, Tony Hawks-mocking skateboarding game, OlliOlli. The welcome announcement comes that the elite, PC master race will be able to kickflip, fakie and faceplant their way to glory on the 22nd of July alongside those dirty, handheld minions.

Yes! This is the game that your SLI, GTX 780 Ti’s have been waiting for… Oh wait. Well, since Watchdogs turned out to be a bit repetitive and lacking in the great gameplay department, this should sate your ‘real-gamer’ needs for a while to come.

OlliOlli was released for Sony’s handheld device in January of this year and has picked up some pretty decent review scores and a huge following of jean-short and backwards cap-wearing boarding fans. Although I’ve heard it can also induce bouts of sailor style swearing fits, PC fans no doubt will be composed as they are in all endeavours while navigating the tricksy stages.

Unfortunately there’s no news on the release date for PS3 and PS4 at the minute, but according to a statement that it will be coming soon, you won’t have to have a tantrum for too much longer. Access to all 100+ levels, over 120 tricks and 250 challenges shall be yours for the taking in time.

OlliOlli will be available for purchase next week on Steam, GoG and the Humble Store for a kick-ass £9.99. For now, you can ramp up your excitement here and read our very own James Knack’s Vita review.

OlliOlli Grinds it’s Way Onto PC Next Week - n3rdabl3

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