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How could you instantly make one of the best Android phones one of the worst? Simple, whack Windows Phone onto it. It may seem like sacrilege to fans of HTC’s top bollocks Android phone that the company may go back to its Windows roots, and it is, but it looks like it could be happening pretty soon, more specifically, this August.

Rumours suggesting HTC might be releasing a Windows Phone have been circulating for a while now but this weekend The Verge reported that HTC was testing Windows Phone on their latest flagship device, the HTC One (M8), this rumour has since been backed up by a claim from WP Central suggesting that HTC might release a Windows Phone powered M8 as early as August 21. WP Central claim the device will be dubbed as “One (M8) for Windows,” and will pretty much be an exact replica of the Android powered device, but with Windows Phone as the main OS, not Android.

In terms of release, WP Central claim that Microsoft Stores are ready to take stock of the “One (M8) for Windows” as well as accessories for the device such as the Dot View case which will use the new smart cover support that Microsoft recently released to OEM’s. Verizon is also expected to land an exclusive handset according to the report which will be the silver edition.

More on this as it develops..

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