“Remastered,” “HD,” “Collections,” or whatever you want to call them, I’ve had enough of them already. I understand that there’s a brief transitional period between last and current-generation consoles where new games land on both systems, but along with that, we’re seeing the same old games getting a bit of a touch up thanks to the power behind current-gen consoles, then being packaged with all the DLC and extra content and then released at full price, I’m wondering why I decided to take the plunge this early when all we’re really seeing at the moment is the same old games, on a different console..

Okay, before you scroll down and decide to throw your written faeces at me in the comments, just hear me out.. I’m a hypocrite. I’ll just get that out of the way. I’m actually looking forward to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, as well as Metro Redux, and if I had a PlayStation 4 I’d be the first to grab The Last of Us: Remastered, why? Because I was personally too late to the Halo party, I never got around to the Metro series, and I never owned a PlayStation 3, so these remakes and collections are perfect for me and others just like me who perhaps missed out on some of these iconic gaming titles.

At the same time, however, I’m a little sick of all of these HD remakes. Partly because I don’t really feel that the reason I gave above is why half of these publishers are re-releasing said games, y’know, due to the lack of backwards compatibility and the only way for people to get the games they love on these newer systems is to pay for them, and partly because I’d rather be playing something new than spending hours playing through games that, even though they have a new lick of paint, will likely still feel old.

I’m a sucker for new things. I’m the sort of person who’ll have a massive red circle on the date that I can renew my phone, literally a week after I receive the latest handset. I’m constantly following updates relating to new games and technology to see how things are developing, as well as lining up my sights for my next purchase. I like the idea of something new, something we all get to experience for the first time ever. It’s half the reason why I like the idea of Early Access and Betas. Maybe it’s an ego thing, maybe I like that I can experience things first and tell people about it, I’m not sure. But it’s definitely a thing.

I have this overhanging anxiousness that the remastered version just doesn’t quite hold up to my expectations. This applies mostly to remakes of games from much older consoles. What if it’s not as good as I remember? One instance of this was the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD which launched on the Xbox 360. I was SO excited to play through all of the classic games and receive a massive shot of nostalgia but instead I was punched in the face with disappointment. I don’t think the game was at fault here though, I think with the way we’ve become used to the way games look, and when we step back into games we played when we were much younger, we realise how things have evolved.

If anything, I prefer things to stay as they were, in the past, and not dragged kicking and screaming onto modern consoles as some fancy, flashy “remake.” Sometimes it can work, but with others it becomes a disappointment as our expectations are heightened by games like Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, The Crew, Wildstar, Mortal Kombat X.

So the thought of dropping £50 on a remastered version or collection of games that I could probably find in the bargain bin for a much cheaper price, is something I’d rather not think about or get myself stressed over my adolescent preconceptions of a game. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid they won’t hold up to my expectations, maybe because I’d rather spend my cash on Sunset Overdrive, or Destiny to get the gameplay I expect from the latest-generation consoles, and not the gameplay I thought I loved from the 90’s.

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