It’s been a big week for Marvel – a female Thor and the new Captain America, alongside more teasing about its ever-growing list of movies.

So yes, I do like Sam Wilson and I enjoyed his work as The Falcon. I can’t comment on the film, since I still haven’t seen it. The Arch nemesis of John Stewart (not the Green Lantern) Stephen Colbert announced that The Falcon, AKA Sam Wilson will replace Steve Rogers as Captain America as the effects of super solider serum worn off.

So I thought that this week I’m going to take you through the runners-up for the Cap. role (and some I made up for the chuckles and giggles of it)

sam wilson

Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye- It’s weird, but Cap’s shield is a stylish accessory on nearly every hero. Hawkeye is of course one of them. Think about it, he has a fairly similar skill set and the shield could be another fun thing he could throw in a rather accurate manner. OK maybe he’s a little morally grey socially and sometimes in his judgements as a superhero, but he respects Cap, and maybe with is mantle he’ll always try and maintain his moral standards?

Jack O’Neil from the Stargate Franchise- The all round manly man solider from SG1 could surely be coaxed into donning the red white and blue if he really needs to. Assuming he can borrow Teal’s staff weapon, he wouldn’t even need the shield and of course, he’d certainly be the first superhero to have a starship named after him.

Duke from G.I Joe- Most of the G.I Joe characters are a component of patriotism, but I don’t think many embody all of those qualities like Duke. The blonde haired, blue eyed, mild mannered all American boy could surely knock up an outfit to take up the Cap mantle right? It wouldn’t be ostentatious, but it’d probably look cool, but just very toned down.

Optimus Prime- He’s already red and blue, we can just spray paint in a bit of white and give the Skyboom a paint job? That’s all we’d need to do for Prime. He’s got the straight moral compass for the role and the ability to give inspiring speeches.

Can you think of anyone else? Comment below and tell me who!

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