playstation optimus prime

The latest transformation for Optimus Prime isn’t a bad-ass truck, or motorbike, or even a car. In fact, the upcoming Optimus Prime toy from Toymaker Takara Tomy doesn’t transform into a vehicle at all, instead he transforms into the Original Sony PlayStation. He’s not alone either, as he’ll be joining the Mega Drive Megatron which is set to launch this year.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Takara Tomy announced the “Optimus Prime featuring Original PlayStation” earlier this week in joint celebration of the 30 year anniversary of Transformers and the 20 year anniversary of the PlayStation brand. Together they came together to make a brand new toy which sees an ordinary looking PlayStation turn into a bad ass fighting robot – every kids dream, right? If you can’t wait until next year, Takara Tomy also has a Mega Drive Megatron toy scheduled for release this year, which I guess you can settle on until they release Optimus Prime.

The company is also manufacturing a series of 1/6 scale toys based on the lineup of PlayStation consoles – from the PlayStation 2, to the PlayStation 4 each of which comes with a range of accessories including memory cards and controllers – at 1/6 scale, of course. This collection has been aptly named the PlayStation History collection. These are also set for release later this year.




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