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Overkill Software has something up their sleeves, at least, that’s what we can assume since they launched a mysterious countdown timer on their site accompanied by an odd sound. The website, titled WHAT’S NEXT, is counting down the days to what we think is their next game announcement.

The site, which currently says DAY 02, and contains a count down timer for around 33 days from now (at time of writing) is accompanied by the sound of a ticking clock and what could either be a recording or a radio broadcast playing. The background has a fairly drab room with the usual features you’d find in a room, a radiator, light switch, door, and air vent. The animated background sees sun flickering through the blinds of a window, which is occasionally interrupted by a figure passing through the rays.

The countdown timer, which is set to expire on August 13, notably ends on the anniversary of the release of Payday 2. Could this be the announcement of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Payday 2 which was announced buy Overkill, last month?

Checking the source code doesn’t reveal anything other than a YouTube video of the background animation.

What are your thoughts? Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 where we’ll be watching the timer tick down on August 13.

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