Microsoft’s Siri and Google Now competitor Cortana, powered by Bing, has successfully predicted a handful of games in the 2014 World Cup rivalling that of Paul the Octopus the now deceased cephalopod who correctly predicted the outcome of the World Cup in 2010. According to Business Insider, Microsoft’s virtual assistant has a perfect record when it comes to predicting who’ll win in various matches in Brazil this year.

So far Cortana has successfully predicted the outcome of all of the games that have currently been played at the 2014 World Cup Brazil and shows no sign of stopping as it predicts that Germany will beat France and Brazil will beat Colombia on Friday. Unfortunately like Paul the Octopus, there’s nothing mystical about Cortana’s predictions as they’re based on a number of factors such as team records, the weather and home-field advantage.

Cortana’s World Cup predictions came last week as a part of a series of updates heading to Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, the question is, are you willing to put big money on predictions made by a virtual assistant?

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