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Ndemic Creations has just signed a big-time licencing tie-up with Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming flick, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The deal brings with it a brand new Simian Flu expansion which, as you’ve probably guessed, ties in with the aforementioned Ape filled movie.

The new expansion introduces the Simian Flu as well as a handful of gameplay mechanic alterations and sees players controlling communities of intelligent apes. As well as infecting humans, as with traditional Plague Inc mechanics, the new expansion allows you to evolve your disease in parallel to allow ape-to-ape transmission and improve their cognitive abilities. Ape colonies will generate DNA whilst helping apes avoid detection from humans.

The main goal of the expansion, however? Wipe out the whole of humanity and help the Apes rise to power!!

The update is coming to Plague Inc. on iOS and Android and Plague Inc: Evolved on PC & Mac. It will also be included in the future Xbox One edition of Plague Inc: Evolved.

After signing off from the partnership announcement, Ndemic Games’ James Vaughan revealed a fun fact about Plague Inc.: “When I was making Plague Inc. (as a hobby) 3 years ago – I was watching the previous film Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the end credits scene gave me a lot of inspiration for Plague Inc. (it features a disease slowly infecting the world) Crazy to think that Plague Inc. is now big enough to work directly with the film’s sequel!”

No release date for the update has been set but Vaughan said it’ll be coming “very soon.”

Simian Flu Card

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