Loot! Loot everywhere! And it’s all yours to grab with whichever hero you choose these next few weekends as Ubisoft has announced a Opulencia’s Hero Draft which lets players try out all four heroes over the course of four weekends before a big update is released next month.

The Opulencia’s Hero Draft will let players try out all four of the premium heroes absolutely free for the course of a weekend so they can test out the skills of that character as well as determine who players want to draft onto their looting team. Each weekend event one character will be unlocked for players to draft, along with the launch of a community challenge  rewarding participants with an exclusive skin for that weekend’s potential draft pick.

The first Hero to become free for all is the Archer, and he is available for all players from July 18, 5pm UK Time to July 22, 4.59pm UK Time. “If the community completes the challenge of successfully completing 100,001 attacks with the Archer, all participants will unlock the Archer’s Darkness Costume. The Knight’s turn to show off his skills will come next, followed by the Mage and finally the Runaway will close the draft with her mighty musical axe,” said Ubisoft in a press release.

If you happen to fall in love with that particular hero during the weekend events, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be able to earn a discount of over 60% of in-game currency price of the heroes by leveling them up during their free weekends. The higher they level the character, the larger the discount, so as soon as July 18 rolls around, get lootin’

MQEL_Screenshot_Hero_Draft_Archer MQEL_Screenshot_Hero_Draft_Knight MQEL_Screenshot_Hero_Draft_Mage MQEL_Screenshot_Hero_Draft_Runaway

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