Following the mighty Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Fox Edition PS4 that was released in Japan earlier this year, Sony have been busy with the paintbrushes and slapping some new designs on their successful brand for fans of specific titles.

If minimalist imagery is your thing and you love collecting special edition consoles, then you may be interested to see the new designs. The first being a white edition PS4 featuring the Destiny Logo, nothing more extravagant than that, but seeing as white consoles are deemed to be rare and the excitement that’s been mounting up for Bungie’s open-world FPS, surely a huge seller when it arrives.

The second console is a standard black edition of the Playstation 4, with a beautiful, gold-stencilled image of The Last of Us’ Joel and Ellie, complete with game title on the shiny top section. With a lot of controversy surrounding the re-release of such a recent game, I’m sure there are many Sony fans who would still jump at the opportunity to own a console featuring one of the most lauded games at the end of the last generation.

Each will consist of the branded console, a DualShock 4 contoller of matching tone and a copy of the game that the package displays. If the new consoles stick to the price that Hideo Kojima’s Fox console had, then both should be roughly in the vicinity of £270 as the aforementioned console cost 46,860 yen.


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