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According to some recent news, a member of NeoGAF, ‘Bastion‘, has spotted a hint that your already purchased PSN games may just transfer into your Playstation Now library. Considering the amount of money some of us have plied into Sony’s store, this is great news for those who are worried about having to repurchase or rent games they already own.

The information noted by Bastion, was regarding his PS3 Now Beta account and how two games which he owns through prior buying, namely Saints Row 2 and Stick It To The Man, have appeared on the list of playable games.

Both have a cart icon branded after the titles, symbolising the fact that the games have already been purchased and although there’s no news on whether he’s been able to access and play them through the Now application, it certainly looks as though Sony are factoring in the need for subscribers to keep all the games they’ve plowed money into over the years. That’s surely a commendable addition to the service.

An interesting thing just showed up on PSNow on my PS3. It is showing all the games I bought digitally as playable via PSNow that are on the PSNow service. There is a shopping bag showing that I had paid for it. I will have to check it out more tomorrow and see if it allows me to play them on the PS4.

It would be awesome if it did. – Bastion

It’s also not clear at this time whether we’ll be able to play the many titles that have appeared on Playstation Plus’s Instant Game Collection since it’s inception, boosting that list of games through the roof for loyal fans.

The ability to access the list on PS4 is, at the minute, unavailable but only possibly due to the fact that the PS3 version of Now has had more attention in it’s current phase of Beta. Time will tell.

Until we have more information, this is only rumour, so keep an open mind and your fingers crossed that this is a sign of good things to come. We’ll roll out more news on Playstation Now as it comes.

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