It’s been a long time waiting to hear what goodies Sony have stuffed into their already chock-full bag of surprises on Playstation Plus, namely, the instant game collection this coming August. Finally the news has rolled out like a pervert’s tongue at a cosplay fair.

From next Tuesday, you’ll be able to download and play everything from AAA blockbusters to imaginative indie games, courtesy of Playstation Plus on your PS3, PS4 and Vita systems. Before I begin the good part though, Towerfall Ascension, Dead Space 3, Doki Doki Universe, Lego Batman 2, Strider and Vessel will all be saying goodbye to their slots on the list.

If you haven’t managed to download these titles yet, now is your chance to grab them before they’re taken away from your grubby little hands forever. Moving swiftly on to the much better news, there’s two games per console this month and they are blinders.


fezRoad Not Taken is a puzzle adventure game that ponders the subject of life and loss. I’m not sure how they manage to do this, but it looks like a very sombre, yet colourful game with some nice tinkly music and a hooded, two-dimensional protagonist who has chosen the road less travelled. This road leads your ranger on the path to rescuing children from your village who have been left out in the cold after a terrible Winter. Road Not Taken is a procedurally-generated, rogue-like game and your actions will determine how your local community react to your choices.

Fez will be joining the list too, one of the most critically acclaimed indie games in the past few years makes its way onto your Playstation 4. If you can understand how this game works in writing, you’ll probably be able to sign up for Mensa, as it’s a 2D game set in a 3D world with a rotational axis of four sides of a cube in 90 degree spins… If you’re still with me here, it’s a puzzle, platform adventure in which a wee fella named Gomez, receives a Fez that allows him to navigate his way through a tear in the dimensional fabric of his world.


crysis-3Crysis 3 is the big AAA title on the list and while never hitting the right notes of the first in the series, is so much better than Crysis 2, which was a bit guff to say the least. You take on the role of Prophet again, as he takes over someone else’s body through a memory chip in his nanosuit…  The plot just gets even more pointless from here on and you might as well just go straight into FPS mode and shut your brain off for a few mainly enjoyable hours. You blast your way through the urban jungle of New York, hunting Ceph and being a general bad-ass in a suit with so many gadgets, you should probably be dressed in a grey trench coat and Trilby hat.

Proteus is a pixel art exploration game, originally intended to be an open world RPG. It turned out that the developers found that this would be too much hard work and cleverly changed their platform to that of a non-violent, sensory experience where you can blissfully wander around an island, created in glorious pixels and containing a lot of blocky trees and animals. The concept sounds terrible, although it may just hold a hidden charm in its movement-activated aural experience. Possibly one for those who like a sense of calm while playing games or when the missus is getting pissed off with you shouting at bosses in Dark Souls.


metricoMetrico is an anomaly of a game, using pie charts, measurements and graphs to display the actions the player takes around its complex levels filled with puzzles, traps and clever trickery that can only be navigated by accurate movement of the character. Jump a little an a block might move up a bit, letting you reach a higher vantage point. Running may just drop a door in front of you and only retreating and moving towards it slowly will offer you the way through. All the while, 80’s science show music jangles in the background to add a little more ‘Tomorrow’s World’ to your adventure.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 probably doesn’t need much of an explanation, following the plight of bespectacled, wizard in training as he tries to find out what his link to (don’t say his name) that old skull-faced gimp means and the prophecy that precedes it. The game covers the content of Order of the Phoenix through to the Deathly Hallows and with all the fun, humour and puzzling of all Lego titles. The Potter series of plastic brick games are undoubtedly much better than the terrible later movies and video games, that you might as well spend twelve hours unlocking every wizard, witch and muggle in the cast on your Vita, than subject yourself to that gubbins.

That’s it for this month. Tune in to n3rdabl3 next month for your September list of joy from Sony’s fantastically priced subscription model. If not, you always have EA Access…





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