As a kid I grew up on LEGO, it was essentially my only toy and the main thing I always got at Christmas. However, my love for the studded bricks was often hampered by the cost.

LEGO is not a cheap toy. Even small sets can cost around £15 and the larger sets can stretch far beyond that. So as a semi-solution to the problem, Ranan Lachman and Elina Furman founded Pley. A service which lets you rent LEGO. For a set monthly rate you can rent and build as many sets as you please (just one at a time), for as long as you want.

You can pay $15 / month for small sets or for medium sets $25 / month and $39 / month for large sets. You can even purchase sets you or your kids are fond of at a discounted price.

When you’re done with a set simply send it on back to Pley and wait for your next one. Don’t worry about missing pieces either, as Pley allow up to 15 missing pieces per set. They also wash and check each set before sending it to it’s next builder!

Literally unlimited Lego sound too good to be true? Well the only negatives I currently see are the hammy trailer above, and that the service doesn’t appear to be available in the UK yet, emphasis on the ‘yet’.

If this is something that catches your eye, definitely check out their website.



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