It’s apparently quite hard to get your hands on a PS Vita in the US right now, not because they’re rare and illusive like Pokémon, but because the US is in short supply of the hand-held console thanks, in part, to the Borderlands 2 Bundle which launched last month.

Sony’s hand held console has been in pretty short supply over the past few weeks reports Polygon, following high demand for the console after the Vita version of Borderlands 2 launched early last month. Along side the success of the Borderlands bundle, Sony are also reporting that the console is in high demand and that they’re working to replenish US stock.

“We’re seeing healthy consumer demand for PS Vita globally, particularly in markets like Japan,” the representative said. “The U.S. launch of the slimmer and lighter PS Vita has generated strong interest among gamers, and we’re working to replenish supply here to ensure continued momentum leading into the holidays.”

Sony recently released a slimmed down version of the PS Vita which is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the previous PS Vita model, it also boasts a longer battery life as well as the ability to jump in and play various games without the need to purchase a PS Vita memory card first.

Despite Sony not saying too much about the Vita at E3 this year, it’s great to see that the PS Vita is still being widely adopted throughout the US and globally.

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