After the trailer covering the awards that Rainbow Six: Siege picked up at E3, Ubisoft have released a video containing 24 minutes of  new footage pitting the R6 squad against hostage takers.

The map being used will be familiar as it’s the same one used at the E3 demo, but the gameplay is infinitely more detailed as it’s not being rushed along in the same manner as the games show’s unveiling and doesn’t contain the screaming teenager that made me turn the sound off while viewing.

With a closer look at the use of the remote-controlled drone and some of the finer ways to divert, maim and gain access to your opponents, the footage has a methodical feel that makes Siege look like the ultimate team-play experience, taking time to scout the bad guys before plunging in and getting the hostage murdered due to lack of tactics.

It’s obviously still a long way from release at the minute, but Rainbow Six: Siege in its current state looks to be one to watch out for when it’s released next year. Judge for yourself and watch the demo above.




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