In a montage of moments from the gameplay footage of Rainbow Six: Siege at E3 2014, we see the finest and maddest segments of carnage as the team shoots, explodes hostage takers and blows walls away like dandelion clocks.

Strewn in amongst the savagery and sexy explosion effects, the accolades that mounted up like a Rambo movie body count, harvested by Ubisoft Montreal are displayed in Hollywood style flashes, showing just how much praise the game received.

It’s not often that other media works well with gaming, as we’ve seen in the terrible cash-grabs by publishers/devs when a new movie or TV show is unleashed on the public, yet Tom Clancy’s military novels and creations have seen a huge catalogue of successful video games hit the shelves and people rush to sweep them up. Take note, those with licences.

Rainbow Six has spanned twelve games in it’s history so far, with Siege being the 13th in the series. It pits a counter-terrorist unit against a team of kidnappers in an online battle to either save a hostage or outmaneuver the CTU team until they can escape safely.

This is made harder by the fact that players can shoot through walls, blast the environment apart for makeshift doors to other rooms and even bring a ceiling down to drop enemies through for easy kill-shots.

All of this tactical violence leads up to the final blurb of the video that states you can watch a Multiplayer session of Siege on Twitch on the 17th of July at 8pm CET. Bad choice of day since the Destiny Beta will be online…

Still a long way from release, Rainbow Six: Siege won’t be seen until sometime in 2015, so hold out for more news of new match types, the already announced campaign and some more footage from Ubisoft.

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