Is Remote-Control Birth Control The Future?

MicroCHIPS, Inc., Massachusetts are currently working on a remote-controlled birth control chip for women. The tiny chip would be implanted under the skin and release a dose of hormones to prevent pregnancy, or so the theory goes.. The chip is designed to last 16 years and can be turned off and on at will whenever the user wants to get pregnant or prevent it.

MicroCHIPS are currently in the animal testing phase of the birth control unit although human tests have been conducted with version designed to release osteoporosis medicine. Even if everything goes well it will still be years until this sort of birth control becomes available.

MIT Technology Review have recently reported on MicroCHIPS and said, “MicroCHIPS invented a hermetic titanium and platinum seal […] Passing an electric current through the seal from an internal battery melts it temporarily, allowing a small dose of the hormone to diffuse out each day.”

As a drug delivery system this certainly seems more convenient than remembering to take pills, although how these would work for people needing more than one drug remains to be seen.

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Is Remote-Control Birth Control The Future? - n3rdabl3

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